I’ts been a year and a half since my last post here in my blog. I even forgot my user name and password hahaha! Just to update what happened to me for the past year and a half. I got a chance to travel to Bicol, I worked in Boracay for a total of 2 months(I went there 3 times), brought my family there for 1 week and go directly to Iloilo for another 3 week assignment. My son missed his classes for a month. That caused him a lot. He is running for validictorian and end up as 2nd honor. Ok, ok, blame me, but the happiness that we felt when we were together in Boracay and Iloilo is priceless! I met also my high school classmates and friends in Iloilo. I also got a chance to go to Camaya Coast in Mariveles, Bataan. This summer, we went to Batangas. Purchased a small house in Cavite and plan to tranfer there before the end of the month. Whewww! I’ve just realized that a lot have happened to me and I thank God for all the blessings that he has given me and my family.


Who benefit the most in In-house trainings?

I am conducting an in-house training regarding Civil 3D in our company and I’ve been thinking… who benefits the most? Is it the employee or employer? It is supposed to be a win-win situation for both of them.


For the employee, learning something new is a good thing. It would make them more reliable. They can work faster. It would make their work easier. The most important is they will become valuable to the company.


For the employer, having good and reliable employees is good for the company. Can you imagine the projects that will come if the reputation of your company in meeting deadlines with satisfying result is exceptional?


This is good for everybody right? More projects mean more income but does it have a negative effect also? I think we should discuss this also. Having knowledgeable and reliable employees means competitiveness in our field of business but the downside is, the more knowledge the employee gains, the more they will become more marketable. They could end up asking for higher salary. Another question would be… How much are you willing to pay to retain these employee’s. Let’s face it, if the person knows almost everything, it would be easy for him/her to find a new job with higher pay. Many competitors also would be willing to hire and pay higher. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You know why? First, they get a reliable and knowledgeable employee. Second, getting a good employee from your competitor means crippling their operation.


I will correct myself… Who benefit the most? Is it the employee, employer or other employer?

My views on how to Improve Your Company

In most of the companies that I have worked, I’m not only focusing on my duties or in my job description. I always help my officemates in whatever problems (mostly softwares and hardwares) they encounter in the office if ever I can. You can call me patriotic but this is how dedicated I am with my work because as an employee, I believe that whatever the company I’m working with gains, it is my gain also. If the company becomes stable, I have more security that my job will be stable.


On the management side, my suggestion is that you should evaluate your employee’s capabilities and create a core group in each department and give good compensation to these personnel. This core group will become the foundation of your company. This is to avoid losing the good employees that you have worked, trained, and trusted for a long time. I hate to see good and talented employee/co-worker go. It means you will have to look for a new one and start training them. If they gain enough experience, they will look for other companies that can give them good compensation. Your company will serve only as training ground. Its funny but its true… you have to start again from scratch. This is not good because you will always rely on new personnel then hope and pray that their performance is good and they can finish the job. Good foundation or Hope and Pray you decide.

Capturing Screen Display


Many computer users are not aware of this but there are many softwares (some are free) that can be downloaded from the internet to capture the images in your screen. Just type screen capture in your web browser and you will see many links to these softwares. I usually use printscreen to capture whatever I want to convert to jpg. This is a long process because you will be using other softwares (Paintbrush, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc) to paste whatever image you capture. By doing this, you will capture the whole screen. What if you don’t need to capture only part of the screen to convert into jpg or bmp? This will require more time to crop this image. As you can see, theres a lot of process to be made just to get one image you want to present or show. Many computer users are not familiar with this graphic softwares and this is another problem. This is where the Screen Capturing Softwares are useful. It makes the creation of Jpg/Bmp files easy. Most of these softwares are user friendly and easy to use. These Screen Capturing Softwares are very useful specially in creating presentations that require many images.


CAD SUPERVISOR!!! After twelve long years of working as a CAD operator with different companies with different disciplines of engineering, I finally made it! Thanks for the trust that my current employer, Philkoei International Inc. have given me. Trust is very important to me and I don’t want to break this trust. Being a CAD supervisor is new to me and this is a big challenge for me. I have to read a lot of articles (which I don’t usually do) on how to become a good leader. I’ve encounter one good article from Bentley Publications on How to keep your job as a CAD Manager by Mark W. Kiker. I think this article could be applied also for Cad supervisors and I want to share this with you.


1. Don’t be average. Don’t expect to stay off the short list if you are doing a lackluster job. The biggest thing you can do to solidify your position is to do a fantastic job in your role with the company. Doing the best you can do at all times is the first step toward financial security. No one is going to work hard at keeping an average worker. You need to do the best you can do.

2. Do more than expected. You need to be doing more than what is expected of you. You need to go beyond the job description. If you fulfill the job description and do not expand beyond it very often then you are only doing what is expected of you when you hired on. Moving to higher and higher levels of job security requires you to take on more responsibility and duties. If you are going beyond the basics then you are poised to stay with the firm.

3. Build your brand. Let others know what you have been doing all year. Now is not the time to be invisible. You need to take heed that invisible CAD Managers soon get thought of as being unneeded. You need to become visible and stay visible. Keep track of accomplishments and share them year round. Don’t brag, just inform.

4. Go above and beyond. Come in early. Stay late. Take on more responsibilities. Let your accomplishments speak for you.

5. Don’t play politics too heavily. Offices are full of political struggles. Some are just like High School. They have cliques and social groupings. You need to remain fairly neutral in all of this. Don’t buddy up to close to one group at the expense of another. If you select the wrong person or group and they end up out the door, you could be next.

6. Be positive. Even if there is a negative tone in your firm or your industry. Stay positive about the future. No one likes to be around a negative person. Don’t complain or get grumpy. Stay away from problem employees. Now is not the time to be part of the cranky gang. According to a 2005 Harvard Business Review article, people actually will select “likable” persons over competent ones when they need to get something done.

7. Contribute to the bottom line. Even if you are not directly working on projects you can reduce spending somewhere. You can also contribute by making people more productive. Now is the time to help others get more out of the software. Focus on the business needs.

8. Be Approachable. Now is not the time to be stuck to your chair. Get out and talk to people. Let them come and talk to you. Say “Hi” to everyone in the morning and go out to lunch with the crew every once in a while.

9. Be Appreciative. Thank those who have helped you out. Make sure that people above you and below you understand that you are thankful for their assistance, input and advice.

I’ve learn a lot from this article. I hope you learn also!




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